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Our SEED Membership gives you a free, front row pass to check out our approach to farm succession. You get helpful tips to consider for your planning, and updates of all Farm Estate GPS activity.



Our GROW Membership offers an expanding library of videos and resources to help you make informed decisions without traveling to countless events, wasting your time, or feeling pressured to commit to a plan before you are ready.



Our HARVEST Membership is for those ready for a customized estate and farm succession strategy. This is where all the estate, financial, and farm succession tools come together to solve the specific needs of your situation.


There’s a lot of “noise” in the industry when it comes to farm succession planning. How do you know what to do if you don’t know the options, who to trust, or if the timing is right? See how we’ve helped families navigate through the noise, so they can focus on their operation.

Rooted in farming, we are passionate about helping families keep their operation growing through the next generation. Since the year 2000, we’ve worked closely with families, and their advisers, to create customized farm succession strategies that accomplish their goals.


“We always knew we needed a farm succession plan in order to pass down our farm to our children.  The problem was, we’d been putting it off for years because we didn’t even know where to start or who to trust.  Add to that the fact that we have one child who is involved in the farm and another who’s not.  How do you even begin to figure out how to handle that?

We HAD to do something though.  We didn’t want our kids to end up paying hefty taxes just to keep the land or have things end up in probate.  What a nightmare!  We started searching for answers and attended several farm succession planning seminars.  We were hoping to find someone who understood our unique circumstances and could give us some guidance – or at least point us in the right direction.  Instead, we walked away with more questions than ever.

Until, that is, we met with reps from Farm Estate GPS at the Iowa Power Show.  As they talked about farm succession planning and shared their story, everything they said made so much sense.  We could tell right away we could trust them, and we made the decision to work with this reputable company in creating a farm succession strategy.

They are so knowledgeable and personable. They listened carefully to our story and were able to lay out different options we could use to meet our goals.  They worked with us through the whole process and answered all our questions.  They even joined us as we met with the attorney when getting legal documents ready.  They cared about us as a family, not just a business transaction.

Before we started working with Farm Estate GPS, we didn’t really have a set plan. We knew we weren’t prepared to pass on the farm. Even worse, we didn’t even know what we didn’t know. Today, we feel confident that we have a plan that will help make passing down our farm as smooth a process as possible.  It certainly gives us and our children peace of mind.  We’re so glad it’s all settled so that we can just pass on the farm, not the questions and tax burden we’d have been leaving them!”

— Tim and Becky, HARVEST Members

“Since we didn’t know all the steps of the process, we were more than a little intimidated and believed we needed to find someone we could trust to walk us through. We didn’t know where to look, and then we saw an article one of the co-founders wrote in a farm magazine. They seemed like a good fit for our value system and our farm situation, so we contacted Farm Estate GPS.  We felt at ease almost immediately. Since we would be sharing some intimate details about our operation this was important to us. They helped break down the process into manageable steps and then helped us decide which step should be first, second…etc. We really appreciated the customized approach for our complicated operation.

Having the Farm Estate GPS videos to review the things we talked about was extremely helpful. Sometimes we came away from our in-person and online sessions and discovered we each heard something different. The videos answered our questions and reinforced our understanding so we could be confident in the midst of information overload that we were indeed on the right path.

Things in our world and our family change so quickly. However, we are confident that the first step we took in rewriting our wills contains a plan for distributing assets in a way that can move each of our children a little further down the pathways they’ve chosen. Anyone who wants to have a well- considered plan for transferring farm assets to family in a way that will minimize confusion about who gets what, and allow for the child who wants to continue to farm should check out Farm Estate GPS.”

— Mark and Brenda, HARVEST Members

“We were introduced to Farm Estate GPS by some friends who had worked with them.  We had been to one of their seminars as well.  We thought we had all our planning taken care of. Our other advisors told us we were “in great shape”.  But after we talked through everything, we found out that there were some serious concerns on what we had worked so hard for.  It helped to have someone from the outside to help guide us towards our goals.  They helped put some of the big concepts into a strategy that actually works.  We now have a roadmap that gives our farming son the security of knowing that he has a future on the farm.  It also allows our off-farm heirs to pursue their own interests and it takes care of our son with special needs.  If you have a family farm, we would recommend spending some time with Farm Estate GPS to see what they can do to keep your farm in the family.” 

— Jerry and Judy, HARVEST Members

A quick note about life insurance.

Life insurance should never be the only plan for your farm estate. But for some, it can be part of the solution.

We can help families find the right product, for the right price, and help coordinate it with the right plan.

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