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Fast-Track Your Customized Farm Estate Strategies to Completion.

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Minimize Potential

Estate Losses


Protect the Farm

Heir’s Viability


Treat All Heirs

Fairly & Equitably

There’s a lot to coordinate in your farm estate strategy. 

Family Dynamics.  Deeds. Purchase Options. Wills. Trusts. Entities.

Estate Loss. Market Value vs Family Value. Gifting. Rent Rates.

Ownership. Equalization. Financial Tools. Special Use. 

Fair vs Equal. Liquidity. Distributions.

Growth. Positive Cash Flow.

Your Heritage.

You can bring it all together in less time and with more

focus  through your GPS HARVEST Membership. 




Access the GROW Video Library for learning the core issues & strategies



Get one-on-one consultation to design your custom solutions



Full collaboration to confidently communicate & execute your plan.



  • Impossible to meet all expectations

  • Takes new debt to buy old family dirt

  • Divided ownership = No buying power

  • Inheritance divided despite interests 

  • Fractional farms to future generations

WITH a Plan

  • Expectations established in advance

  • New debt is only added for new dirt

  • Single ownership = Full Buying Power

  • Heirs can each pursue their own goals

  • Whole farms multiplied, not divided




Here’s What’s Included in Your GPS HARVEST Membership:

One-On-One Consulting

Goal Development

Farm Succession Strategies

Estate Strategies

Financial Tool Coordination

Asset Ownership Coordination


GPS GROW Video Library

Collaboration with Client’s Legal/Tax Advisors

Your HARVEST Membership gives you full access to the GROW Video Library to reinforce the concepts while you work with professionals to craft your customized farm estate strategies.


Renews Annually at $250/Year

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Four Steps for Maximizing Your Farm Succession Strategies

Planning meetings can be in person or through video/phone conferencing.

Financial tools available through Farm Financial Strategies, Inc.

Hear From Our Members

“They are so knowledgeable and personable. They listened carefully to our story and were able to layout different options we could use to meet our goals.  They worked with us through the whole process and answered all our questions.  They even joined us as we met with the attorney when getting legal documents ready.  They cared about us as a family, not just a business transaction.”

Tim & Becky, HARVEST Members

Hear From Our Members

“Both of us appreciated the patience and insightfulness we received as they listened to and evaluated our desires concerning our estate planning and farm succession ideas. They became critical in instilling the confidence we needed to mold our farm succession plans into a workable solution.” 

— Fred & Janine, HARVEST Members 

Hear From Our Members

“We were introduced to Farm Estate GPS by some friends who had worked with them.  It helped to have someone from the outside to help guide us towards our goals.  They helped put some of the big concepts into a strategy that actually works.” 

— Jerry & Judy, HARVEST Members 

Hear From Our Members

Since we didn’t know all the steps of the process, we were more than a little intimidated and believed we needed to find someone we could trust to walk us through. We didn’t know where to look, and then we saw an article one of the co-founders wrote in a farm magazine. They seemed like a good fit for our value system and our farm situation, so we contacted Farm Estate GPS. We felt at ease almost immediately. Since we would be sharing some intimate details about our operation this was important to us. They helped break down the process into manageable steps and then helped us decide which step should be first, second…etc. We really appreciated the customized approach for our complicated operation.” 

— Mark & Brenda, HARVEST Members 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Harvest Membership

Who is the HARVEST Membership best suited for?

While we believe everyone is better off having a solid plan in place, most members range from 50 – 80 years old, have at least one child farming, and one or more off-farm heirs. They genuinely care about the future of their family and their farm, and are genuinely nice people to be around.

Who is Farm Financial Strategies, Inc.?

Farm Financial Strategies, Inc. is a Midwest company that was co-founded by Myron Friesen over 20 year ago. The company was started to solve a need that no one was filling, which was helping farm families step-by-step with their farm succession strategies. Mark McLaughlin and Myron Friesen, along with their other associates at Farm Financial Strategies are committed to seeing family farms thrive into the next generation.

How do you run the meetings if we can’t get to your office?

We love to meet face to face whenever we can, but we can easily conduct our meetings through video conferencing and/or phone calls when needed. We were already doing online meetings before COVID made it necessary.

How and when is the HARVEST subscription paid?

The HARVEST Membership is a one-time investment of $2/Acre, with a minimum of $500 and a Maximum of $2,000. The first half of the payment is due up front; after the preview call. We will email you a link for the payment form. The second half is due once your plan is defined, and you are to the point of scheduling your estate planning meeting with your attorney. There is an annual HARVEST Renewal subscription for $250/year after that.

What videos and online resources will we have access to with the HARVEST Membership?

You will gain access to all of the content inside the GROW Video Library. So as a HARVEST Member, you essentially have access to all the benefits or our SEED and GROW Memberships. We will be sure highlight the relevant videos to review as you step through each stage of the planning process. PLUS, you will get access to ongoing update videos and downloadable tools made exclusively for our HARVEST Members. We’ve designed these resources to help you step through the planning process as smoothly as possible and to help keep your plan on the right path going forward.

When does the HARVEST Renewal start?

The $250 HARVEST Renewal begins in year two. We want you to stay on top of your plan as your goals, family, or farm operation changes over time. The HARVEST Renewal allows you to maintain full access to the GROW Video Library and stay current with our HARVEST Member updates on the issues that may impact your estate and farm succession strategies.

What if I already have an attorney?

Great! We are glad to hear that! We are not looking to replace a trusted relationship. We are looking to help you to understand your options, organize and articulate your goals, and prepare your estate and farm succession strategies to help your attorney document the best plan for you and even build upon your relationship.

What happens after the call if we decide to go forward?

We will lay out the next steps in our call. We’ll also show you how to log in to our system to get immediate access to our videos and go over the information we need to get started with the one-on one planning.

Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that…

Your actions have secured the family farm for the next generation.

Your farm heir has a clear and viable path forward.

Your off-farm heirs feel valued and free to pursue their interests on or off the farm.

A HARVEST Membership gets you there in less time with greater confidence.

There is a way to successfully transfer your life’s work to the next generation.

Farm Estate GPS is the guide to find your way.

Farm Succession Planning Starts Here

Our Grow Membership has hundreds of videos and other education material to help you be prepared for any farm family event. 

Congratulation on taking the first step towards securing your farms future through succession planning.  We will send you an email with great information shortly.