Harvest Membership Preview Call

Three simple steps to see if our GPS HARVEST Membership is the right fit for your farm estate strategies.

Step 1

Click Link Below to Schedule Call


Step 2

Select Date/Time for 30 Minute Call


Step 3

Check Confirmation Email with Call Info

The purpose of the preview call is to:

  • Learn a little about you and your situation
  • Answer any initial questions
  • Determine if we both feel this is a good fit
  • Map out the best ‘next step’ from here

The purpose of this call is NOT to solve all the issues in just 20-30 minutes. But if it does make sense to move forward, then you WILL be on the right path to solve your farm succession goals!

Frequently Asked Questions About Initial Call

What do I need to do to prepare for the call?
Not a lot really. This is just a preview call. We are just going to ask some basic questions about your farm, your family, and initial goals to see if our services align with your needs.
What if we need to reschedule an appointment?
There will be a link that you can click on the confirmation email to reschedule a time on the calendar if needed.
What happens after the call if we decide to go forward?
We will lay out the next steps in our call. We’ll also show you how to log in to our system to get immediate access to our videos and go over the information we need to get started with the one-on-one planning.
What if we find out during the preview call that we’re not a good fit?

That’s okay. We can still be friends! We hope you will find value in our SEED and GROW Memberships. We will be here if you need us.

Farm Succession Planning Starts Here

Our Grow Membership has hundreds of videos and other education material to help you be prepared for any farm family event. 

Congratulation on taking the first step towards securing your farms future through succession planning.  We will send you an email with great information shortly.