HARVEST Membership Features

One-On-One Consulting

Goal Development

Asset Ownership and Valuation Summary

Full Estate Review

Farm Succession Review

Integration of Financial Tools as Needed

Collaboration with Client’s Legal and Tax Advisors to Implement Strategies

Our Farm Estate GPS HARVEST Membership is designed for those who are ready to fully implement their estate and farm succession strategies. This is where all the estate, financial, and farm succession tools come together to solve the specific needs for your family.

We work through Farm Financial Strategies, Inc. to customize your farm succession strategies. You will receive one-on-one consultation so that your family situation, farm operation, and personal and business goals are fully understood.

There will be a full estate and farm continuation review based on the information that you provide. Any potential roadblocks in your current plan will be identified and multiple solutions will be presented to overcome them.

Once you have determined your best options, then there will be collaboration with your existing legal and tax advisors. It truly is a team approach. We are not here to get in the way of trusted relationships. It’s quite the opposite. We are here to build relationships by making sure everyone is on the same page for accomplishing your goals.

Custom rates will apply depending on the scope of the project. Please contact us for more information on fee schedules.

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Are you ready to start your own farm succession journey?  Are you looking for a guide to help you achieve your intended results?  We have been working with farm families and their advisers to keep farms in the family since the year 2000.  Call to determine pricing rates and map out your next step.



Coordinate the tools, concepts, and strategies to set up your farm succession plan.

Farm Succession Planning Starts Here

Our Grow Membership has hundreds of videos and other education material to help you be prepared for any farm family event. 

Congratulation on taking the first step towards securing your farms future through succession planning.  We will send you an email with great information shortly.